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USANA Palmetto Plus™ is an allnatural, comprehensive formula that, over time, may provide long-term support for prostate health, maintaining sound prostate function.

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  • Designed for men concerned with maintaining sound prostate function
  • Contains a unique blend of saw palmetto, lycopene, and soy isoflavones from standardized botanical extracts

Did You Know?

Saw palmetto extract is clinically shown to be effective in supporting prostate health.

As men age, many are at risk for developing prostate problems. It is, however, possible for men to maintain health and well-being, if the right steps are taken. A healthy diet and exercise coupled with targeted standardized botanical extracts specifically formulated for prostate health can help men stay healthy as they age. Palmetto Plus is an all-natural, comprehensive formula that, over time, may provide long-term support for prostate health.

Saw Palmetto

Medicinal Ingredients Quantity
Saw Palmetto Extract (Standardized to a minimum of 85% Free Fatty Acids)320 mg
Tomato Extract (5 Mg De Lycopène)71 mg
Soybean Powder25 mg

Saw palmetto has a long history of use in helping retain a healthy prostate. Considerable clinical research has shown that about 80 to 90 per cent of men using saw palmetto show a positive correlation between saw palmetto and prostate health.

Lycopene and Soy Isoflavones

Palmetto Plus utilizes a highly effective combination of saw palmetto, lycopene, and soy isoflavones, which have been shown to assist in retaining prostate health.

Lycopene is the most abundant carotenoid (vitamin-like compound) found in the prostate and may play a role in retaining a healthy prostate by enhancing immune function and providing antioxidant protection.

Why Palmetto Plus?

USANA is one of only a few major manufacturers to combine saw palmetto with lycopene and soy isoflavones in a single product. Palmetto Plus is a convenient, effective way to obtain a premier men's health formulation at a reasonable price.

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